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Where can I study in the library?

2720 views   |   Last updated on Aug 21, 2015    Music room Ag-Vet Med classroom


Hodges Library: Floors 1, 4 and 5 of are quiet study floors. Floors 2, 3 and 6 are for group study. Study rooms are available on floors 3-5 on a first come first serve basis. Group study rooms on the first and second floors can be reserved online.

Pendergrass Ag-Vet Med Library: Quiet study areas are available in the stacks. Study rooms and the Alcove study and meeting area are available for group study.

DeVine Music Library: In addition to the computer workstations, there are several tables spaced around the Music Library for use as study areas. The Music Library Group Study Room (G17 Haslam Music Center) accommodates 2-8 people and can be reserved.

The Hoskins Storage Reading Room located at 1400 Cumberland Avenue has a space that can also be reserved online.